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Lebanon by-Elections

Two parliamentary by-elections were held in Lebanon yesterday to fill the seats of assassinated MPs, Pierre Gemayel and Walid Eido. The contest for the Maronite Christian seat between Aoun’s opposition candidate, Camille Khoury, and the pro-government father of the assassinated Pierre Gemayel and former Prime President, Amin Gemayel, was closely contested and ultimately won by Camille Khoury.

Augustus Richard Norton, an expert on Lebanese affairs and author of several books on the Lebanon, including Amal and the Shi'a: Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon, The International Relations of the PLO and Political Tides in the Arab World, and someone who I greatly respect has posted this analysis on Informed Comment Global Affairs. It is well worth reading.

The BBC overview of the election results can be read here.

Josh Landis has yet to blog on the results, but his analysis from yesterday after the turnout numbers were in, but before the final results, is still worth looking at.


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