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Annapolis and Beyond: What (Not) to Expect

With the official American announcement of the Annapolis meeting (finally) due tomorrow morning, the New America Foundation, together with the International Crisis Group, will be hosting an event under the heading of this blog post with Rob Malley, Ghaith Al-Omari, and myself as three former negotiators (from the American, Palestinian, and Israeli sides respectively.) If you are in Washington, and want to come to the event, then show up at NAF (1630 Connecticut Avenue NW, 7th Floor) at, or before, 10 am. It's likely to be pretty packed but, at worst, there is an overflow room.

The event is due to be carried live on C-SPAN (the mothership channel, unless it gets bumped down to CSPAN 2 or 3,) so you can also follow it there. We will be using this occasion tomorrow to re-release the Annapolis Letter to President Bush with c 70 new signatories in addition to the original 8 (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lee H. Hamilton , Carla Hills, Nancy Kassebaum-Baker, Thomas R. Pickering, Brent Scowcroft, Theodore C. Sorensen and Paul Volcker.) The full list of signatories will be posted here as soon as it is formally released at 10am tomorrow. As a teaser, the list includes: Director, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University; Former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and U.S. Ambassador to Israel EDWARD DJEREJIAN, Former Chief Monitor, the Middle East Roadmap, Department of State and U.S. Ambassador JOHN S. WOLF, former US Senators GARY HART, LINCOLN CHAFEE, BIRCH BAYH, LARRY PRESSLER and TIMOTHY WIRTH, former US Ambassadors HARRIET "HATTIE" BABBITT, JOHN MALOTT, FELIX ROHATYN, and FRANK WISNER, former Congressmen STEPHEN SOLARZ and AMO HOUGHTON Jr., former Assistant Secretary of State JAMES DOBBINS, former State Department Policy Planning Director MORTON HALPERIN, RAND Corporation Board Member and New America Foundation/American Strategy Program Chair RITA HAUSER, former Israel Foreign Minister SCHLOMO BEN-AMI, retired Marine Corps General JOHN J. "JACK" SHEEHAN, former National Intelligence Council Chairman ROBERT HUTCHINGS, former Assistant Secretary of Defense LAWRENCE KORB, former National Security Agency Director Lt. General WILLIAM ODOM, Former CIA Deputy Director JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Brookings Visiting Senior Fellow DIANA VILLIERS NEGROPONTE, former EU Commissioner for Foreign Relations CHRISTOPHER PATTEN, and Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Dean ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER

Finally, a new ICG report looking ahead to Annapolis will be released tomorrow and will be linked to here once it is available.


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