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Haaretz Joins the Boo to Barak Chorus

This morning Haaretz came out with an editorial entitled, “Barak –suspected saboteur.” The editorial discusses the same points as yesterday’s ProspectsforPeace.com post, Barak’s Identity Crisis – which highlights Ehud Barak’s skepticism of Annapolis and the domestic political vacuum he leaves by expressing such views. Here a few lines from the editorial to wet your pre-Thanksgiving appetite (personally, I am off to watch England vs. Croatia):
The defense minister has the right not to believe the summit will succeed, but he is absolutely forbidden from sabotaging it while working for a government that has decided to strive toward its success.
His colleagues in the Labor leadership have good reason to complain. "We are keeping silent and leaving the arena open to pressure from the right wing," Ami Ayalon said recently. Others complained of their party's passive line. Labor is supposed to constitute the government's most influential bloc regarding progress on negotiations with the Palestinians. For this very reason, voters cast their ballots for it.


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