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More on Olmert and Bush

I decided to have a bit more fun with Olmert's recent trip to the White House.  Read it here on the Guardian's Comment Is Free blog.



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Another interesting piece, thanks, but the Bush/Olmert meeting seems to indicate a full commitment to the Fatah only approach you criticized earlier. Even with Egypt/Jordan's hosting of an Ohlmert/Abbas summit (implicitly expressing opposition to Hamas), it's hard to see anything stability or advancement in the peace process in this.

Of course, no offense meant, but I'm always dubious of Americans who have too much interest/attachment to ME conflicts. It used to just be Jews and Arab-Americans, who dual loyalties were patent. Now, unfortunately, white protestants (who should know better) are embracing Israel as their own. The US had no actual interest in the ME, including Israel, but created entanglements for itself that now seem intractable. And while those with dual loyalties on both sides use US blood and treasure to fight their foreign conflicts, it is regular Americans (ordinary, middle-American joes who know nothing about the "Wailing Wall" or the "Temple Mount") who do the fighting, dying and paying. If regular Americans told, no offense, these aliens and dual loyalists to take their conflicts elsewhere, the US would at least be extricated from this.

Then again, I suppose much of the current mess is our doing, from deposing Mossedegh in Iran, fostering the Wahhabists in Saudi, and encouraging right-wing nationalists is Israel while secretly promoting Hamas to undermine Fatah, pre-Oslo. Gen. Powell's risible "Pottery Barn" rule leaves us involved. Unfortunately, as you point out, to the extent we are involved, the current administration does much more harm than good.

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