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The Century Foundation: Prospects for Peace Initiative

The Century Foundation’s Prospects for Peace Initiative seeks through dialogue and policy research to inform and enrich the American policy debate on long-running conflicts in the Middle East—core among them the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and to advance pragmatic policy solutions to resolve them. Bringing a wide range of perspectives to the debate, the Initiative will work closely with partner institutions in the United States and abroad to help lay the groundwork for a durable peace supported and guaranteed by the international community.
website: http://www.tcf.org

Prospects for Peace Staff:

Michael Hanna: Program Officer, Prospects for Peace Initiative
Tom Kutsch: Intern

The Century Foundation Foreign Policy Team:

Jeffrey Laurenti: Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign Policy Programs
Patrick Radden Keefe: Program Officer and Fellow
Carl Robichaud: Program Officer

New America Foundation: American Strategy Program - Middle East Policy Initiative

The American Strategy Program has launched the Middle East Policy Initiative, which seeks to inform and deepen the debate on American policy towards the Middle East both here in Washington and across the United States. Our task is to advance sensible debate and offer strategic solutions for resolving long-running conflicts in the Middle East, and core among them the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Within the American Strategy Program, this initiative will seek to draw on the moderate debate from a region of increasing importance to America’s strategic interests and to international peace and security, through dialogue, policy research, events and media that target practitioners, policy makers, opinion leaders, the American public, and the international community. Working closely with partner institutions in the United States and abroad, the initiative is laying the groundwork for stability, security, and eventually a sustainable peace that serves U.S., Israeli, Palestinian and global interests.
website: http://www.newamerica.net

Scholars and Staff

Steven Clemons: Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program
Gary Hart: Distinguished Fellow, American Strategy Program
Flynt Leverett: Senior Fellow; Director, Geopolitics of Energy Initiative
Anatol Lieven: Senior Research Fellow, American Strategy Program
Maria Figueroa Kupcu: Co-Director, Privatization of Foreign Policy Initiative; Senior Research Fellow
Ghaith Al-Omari: Senior Research Fellow, American Strategy Program
Patrick C. Doherty: Deputy Director, American Strategy Program; Director, U.S.-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative
Michael A. Cohen: Senior Research Fellow, Privatization of Foreign Policy Initiative
Parag Khanna: Senior Research Fellow and Director, Global Governance Initiative
Jeffrey G. Lewis: Director, Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative
Priscilla Lewis: Deputy Director, American Strategy Program; Director, USITW
Sue Veres Royal: Deputy Director, U.S. in the World Initiative
Sameer Lalwani: Policy Analyst, American Strategy Program