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6/27/2008: Making Sense of the Arab-Israeli Nightmare - NAF

6/16/2008: Examining the Next Year on the Israeli-Palestinian Front - NAF

5/13/2008: Briefing on Beirut - NAF

4/14/2008: Choosing Settlements Over Peace - NAF

4/04/2008: Iran's New Parliament - NAF

3/13/2008: Emerging Out of the Violence - NAF

12/11/2007: Iran and Israel–An Irreversible Enmity? Implications for the United States, the Region, and the Security Council - TCF

11/20/2007: Annapolis and Beyond: What (Not) to Expect - NAF

11/13/2007: Tilting Toward Annapolis: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East - NAF

11/2/2007: Mapping Solutions on Israel-Palestine - NAF

10/30/2007: The View from a Divided Palestine - NAF

9/6/2007: The Syria-U.S.-Israel Triangle and the Prospects for Middle East Peace - TCF

7/11/2007: Settlements, Security, and Closures in the Palestinian Territories - NAF

7/10/2007: Luncheon with Talia Sasson and Brigadier General (Ret.) Ilan Paz - TCF

5/4/2007: The Report into Israel’s Lebanon War - NAF

4/19/2007: Rice and Riyadh: Will U.S. Shuttle Diplomacy and the Arab League Summit Kick-Start the Peace Process? - TCF

3/2/2007: From Checkpoints to Dialogue: Creating an Atmosphere for Political Re-engagement - TCF

02/14/2007: U.S.-Iran Relations: Collision, Stand-off, or Convergence? - NAF

12/13/2006: Should Israel Join NATO?: The Transatlantic Alliance as a Custodian for Middle East Peace - NAF

11/10/2006: Is It All Over? Paths Back to an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process - TCF

11/09/2006: Why There's No Chance an Israeli-Arab Peace is Now Possible -- and Why That View is Wrong - NAF

10/25/2006: A Comprehensive Arab-Israeli Peace: Delusional or Now Achievable? - TCF

10/24/2006: Comprehensive Peace-Making in the Middle East: What Next? - NAF

10/13/2006: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: To Reach a Lasting Peace - NAF

09/29/2006: Talking With the Enemy: Engaging with Political Islam and Navigating a Messy New Middle East - NAF

9/21/2006: Negotiating with the True Believers: Engaging with Political Islam and Navigating a Path to Mideast Peace - TCF

09/14/2006: U.S. Strategy Towards Iran: Thinking Through the Unthinkables -- Beyond a Binary Choice? - NAF

9/13/2006: Fallout from Lebanon: The war's impact on Israeli politics, the peace process, and U.S Middle East policy - TCF

08/24/2006: Moral Clarity and the Middle East: Long War, Wider War, or the Return to a Peace Process? - NAF