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New Survey of Israeli Public Opinion

The Geneva Initiative HQ in Israel has just released a new poll of Israeli public attitudes regarding Palestinian issues, the peace process, and latest developments.  The poll was conducted by a well-respected Israeli research group -- Gal Hachadash ("New Wave Research").  The survey was conducted among a representative sample of 600 Israelis with a +/-4% margin of error.  The results show an Israeli public that is willing to be supportive of a peace process towards a realistic two-state solution, but that has lost belief in that process and that takes a more pragmatic attitude towards Hamas than its government.  Here are the key findings:

1. Do you support or oppose Israel talking to Hamas at the present time regarding a ceasefire, preventing a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, resolving the issue of crossings, creating basic economic conditions, and securing the release of Gilad Shalit?

Support               Oppose

57%                     36% 

2.  What should the government of Israel do?

Negotiate with President Abbas        Negotiate with Syria.      

15%                                                7%                                           

Negotiate with both President Abbas and Syria.


None of the above.


3.  Do you support or oppose Israel negotiating permanent status issues with President Abbas at the present time?

Support            Oppose

66%                     26.5%

4.  Belief that a permanent status agreement can be reached with Abbas:

Believe            Don't Believe

40%                     53% 

5.  Support for a permanent status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians based on the substance of the Geneva Initiative and Clinton Parameters (respondents were read the content and not the name 'Geneva/Clinton'):

Support            Oppose

55%                     26.5%



6.  Support for the Geneva Initiative by name:

Support            Oppose

34%                     37%



(My guess is that the high number of undecideds results from the public, over time, not remembering the Geneva Initiative.)


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Yet another example of the bizarre disconnect between the stagnant and suffocating nature of the public debate on Israel/Palestine peace and the actual views of the public.

I would be curious to see the results if such a survey were taken in the US, whether of American Jews or of the public in general. I rather suspect the numbers would be reversed, illustrating again the bizarre and inaccurate view of the Israeli/Arab dispute held in the West, which Leon Hadar has described so well.

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Daniel Levy


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